cbc 20th anniversary sparkles

A Series Celebrating CBC’s 20th Anniversary

We started a series on our LinkedIn about the 20 reasons why we’re celebrating 20 years of Commercial Bank of California.

CBC is one of the nation’s highest capitalized banks that is led by a talented team with an ownership mindset. We are owned, built and run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. For two decades we have had a drive to transform business banking in the region. We invest in our team, partnerships, and fintech to democratize banking to support our clients’ businesses in ways they never thought possible.

Reason #1: We Have a Strong Bank Foundation

We’ve built a foundation rooted in integrity, fearless leadership and a dedication to a purposeful approach to banking. And we’re committed to this philosophy for many years to come. Hear more from one of our co-founders, Mr. Paul Folino – a legendary businessman in Orange County. Watch “our story” here.

Reason #2: We’re a Privately Owned Bank

Our CEO & President Ash Patel said it best “as a private bank, we don’t have investor pressures like most banks have. Being private allows us the flexibility to make decisions in the best interest of our clients, our team, and the market dynamics.”

Reason #3: We Service Clients with a Personal Touch

No matter how much we progress and innovate, there’s nothing that can replace the value and expertise that our team provides to our clients. One client said, “the great thing about CBC is that you feel like you are part of a community based bank, with your own personal banker. In today’s world of automation, the personal touch is often ignored, and when a bank is helping you move your life forward, that personal touch means a lot.”

We’ve taken this approach for the last 20 years, and we will continue it for the next and beyond.

More Reasons Coming Soon!

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Nicole Inal