Business Lending

One of the Only Banks Still Lending in This Economic Environment

Commercial Bank of California has the niche expertise and flexible lending capabilities to help you and your business get the capital you need.


Business Lines of Credit

A Business Line of Credit is the perfect solution for short-term borrowing needs for which repayment is expected to occur in the near future. You have the flexibility to borrow as much or as little as you need to meet your specific working capital requirements. Business Lines of Credit can provide you access to funds for a very broad variety of purposes, including the following:

  • Managing cash flows for busy seasons during the year
  • Taking advantage of trade discounts
  • Timing your inventory purchases
  • Providing short-term cash flow while you wait for collection of receivables


Business Term Loans

For longer term borrowing needs, a Business Term Loan can be the perfect solution. Term loans are available to assist with equipment and machinery purchases, business expansion, business acquisition, permanent working capital or refinance of existing business debts.

With a variety of fixed and variable rate options, our commercial term loans can provide a valuable source of working capital for your business and help you acquire the resources you need to maximize your profitability and strengthen your competitive position.


Business Equipment Financing

If your business uses equipment in its operations, Business Equipment Financing can provide funding for the tools and equipment you need to keep your business growing. Repayment terms are flexible based on the cash flow needs of your business and the incremental revenues the equipment will generate. CBC offers variety of fixed and variable rate options to you to maintain a competitive edge by offering equipment financing to meet your business needs..


Real Estate Construction Loans

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate developer or a business owner looking to construct a new facility, Commercial Bank of California has solutions. Our experienced construction lending team can assist you with financing your project and will be a part of your team from your land acquisition and initial concept planning, all the way through to the completion of construction. Construction Loans are available for a many different owner-occupied and investor projects. 


Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our experienced team will provide a custom real estate lending solution to meet your financing needs. Our lending products are tailored for your needs, from short-term bridge loan financing, to “mini-perms” and long-term permanent financing. We work with investors, developers, individuals, brokers and other professionals to structure loans that competitively meet your real estate lending needs. Commercial Real Estate Loans are available for owner-occupied and investor-owned properties. 


SBA Loans from Commercial Bank of California

SBA 7a Program

As an SBA Preferred Lender (PLP), Commercial Bank of California can provide expedited services and faster turnaround to help your business thrive.  We offer all the lending products and services you expect from your community bank, with high level of personal attention.  With favorable loan terms, such as low down-payments, longer maturities and smaller monthly payments, we will keep your financing smart and efficient. 


SBA 504 Loans

The SBA 504 Program is designed for the financing of purchased real estate or other long-lived assets (such as capital assets). In this lending arrangement, there is a mix of the customer’s cash injection (of a modest amount), a loan from Commercial Bank of California, and a long-term loan provided by the SBA.  The SBA portion is facilitated through an intermediary known as a Certified Development Company, which is licensed through the SBA. 


Other Government Guaranteed Solutions from Commercial Bank of California

USDA Business & Industry Loans

The USDA Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program is designed to help create and maintain employment and improve the economic climate in rural communities. The program provides stability, growth, expansion, and employment for businesses in rural communities.

USDA loans offer amortizing term loans granted with higher loan-to-value structures than would otherwise be made available and longer repayment terms to increase your company’s net cash flow. To be eligible for a USDA B&I Loan, your business must be located within a rural community as defined by the USDA Mapping Program. 

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