financial market news about silicon valley bank

Market volatility is a natural part of our economic cycle and we know that the news from Silicon Valley Bank today may have many people nervous. We want to ensure you that as a privately held bank with no ties to Silicon Valley Bank, CBC has endured many financial crises in our 20 year history and remain strong in our foundation, our financial strength and our positive momentum. CBC’s balance sheet remains well-positioned to deal with today’s rising rate environment as well as the changes that will inevitably emerge in the future.

If you are a current client or partner, please do not hesitate to reach out to your personal banker with any questions or concerns.

If today’s events cause you to look for a more stable and privately held bank, ask about our business banking approach and our lending, cash management & treasury and payment solutions offerings. We’re ready to help you and your business. Contact us today

For more financial information, reference our most recent financial report here

Nicole Inal