Lets Keep Going & A Thank You! April 15, 2022

On February 23rd, 2022, we recently partnered with Junior Achievement and volunteered for the Compton Unified School District hosted by the Office of Black Student Achievement. Our very own CBC team members volunteered to virtual put together a teaching segment focused on Career Exploration and Income for roughly 150-500 students in each teaching segment. With that being said, we want to personally thank all the volunteers who dedicated their time to such a worthy event.

We wanted to dedicate this issue to Peter Koos and Alfred Camacho. It would be an understatement to say that they truly took their volunteering efforts to a new level. They did such a fantastic job engaging with the students at Compton United School District that Dr. Shaunte' Knox, Director of Black Student Achievement, and Dr. Edrian Walker, Administrator of Black Student Achievement asked for them to attend another segment dedicated to Budgeting the following month!As we all know volunteers are a vital part of any organization regardless of their size. Many organizations spend the same amount of time looking for and training volunteers as they do their staff. However, Mr. Koos and Mr. Camacho exceeded any organization’s expectations.

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A Recent Success

A Shoutout of appreciation to all of our volunteers!
Peter Koos and Alfred Camacho are our superstars for the month of April!
All of your volunteer work is greatly appreciated!