Insurance Services

At Commercial Bank of California, we have built a foundation of stability and flexibility to meet the needs of your insurance business and your clients. With market conditions in the insurance industry changing quickly, it’s difficult for participants to plan with any certainty. A stable, knowledgeable banking partner is critical to ensure that you have strong financial resources and expertise available when you need them.

Our team of insurance industry professionals brings many years of experience and industry-specific expertise to help insurance companies and agencies like yours reach your goals. Over the years, we have formed close partnerships with insurance brokerages, agencies, and third-party administrators. We closely monitor the issues facing the insurance industry and we understand the importance of staying connected to insurance industry leaders and industry experts. Wherever your company fits in on the insurance spectrum, we understand the critical issues you face. Commercial Bank of California is a full-service, FDIC-insured, business bank ranked in the strongest capital category established by banking regulators. We provide lending services and term loan solutions to insurance holding companies and brokers nationwide. We know you need to be flexible when opportunities arise, so we can provide advances to allow for ownership changes and perpetuation or acquisitions of books of business.

In addition, we have the tools and expertise to help you maximize cash flow, grow your business, and improve performance. We offer a range of solutions to accelerate receivables, and monitor and project cash needs. Our experience can greatly enhance your business success.

Our Clients Include:

  • Brokers
  • Title Insurance Companies
  • Extended Warranty Underwriters
  • Health Insurance Underwriters
  • Commercial Agencies
  • Personal Lines Agencies
  • Premium Finance Companies

The Insurance Group Also Provides the Following Specialty Services:

  • Complete deposit services
  • Remote deposit service
  • Business eBanking online banking service, including wire transfer and ACH origination
  • Invoice creation and tracking
  • Account reconciliation
  • Positive Pay fraud prevention service
  • Complete credit services
  • Direct Deposit and Payroll Services

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