Improve Your Cashflow by Controlling Your Payment Processing System

Maintaining strong cashflow processes is paramount for any business – especially entrepreneurs and small businesses who rely on more immediate access to their hard-earned funds in order to maintain a consistent growth rate. However, most of the major payment platforms, such as PayPal and Square, have built in obstacles to access cash quickly. If you've wondered why financial technology hasn't advanced past the point of making digital payments faster, rather than slower, we at Commercial Bank of California know exactly how you feel and what to do about it.

As a commercial bank dedicated to transforming banking and discovering new fintech solutions, we believe that once invoices have been authorized and verified by a vendor and customer, the cash should be in your hands as soon as possible. Because we value innovation as much as relationships, CBC has created a completely in-house method to process payments and allow you to bypass third-party payment platforms that often hold onto your cash for three days. Your business's cashflow will improve in every way by replacing third-party payment processors with CBC's CBCashflow solution, meaning fewer moving parts in your cash flow, greater efficiency, and more satisfied customers.

Simplified Cashflow Management Is Here

Any business stands to gain from continually increasing control over their own hard-earned money – but all too often, third-party payment apps have incentives to put up obstacles to what matters most; ensuring your payments go where they need to as quickly and reliably as possible. Thanks to CBC's ongoing innovation and commitment to the continual success of our clients, we now provide all the same services of third-party vendors more directly from your banking portal. With CBCashflow, our in-house cashflow management app, imagine being able to handle all necessary cashflow functions straight from your business banking portal, including:

  • Creating & sending invoices
  • Accepting payments directly
  • Tracking payments
  • Logging sales data
  • Creating financial reports

The result is a seamless and streamlined workflow from your business banking portal for direct payments that aren't subject to third-party apps' continuously changing terms and grindingly slow transfer policies. In short, fewer administrative delays in your cashflow process means you'll get paid faster – and keep the lifeblood of your business flowing directly on the strength of your customer relationships.

As a Five-Star Superior Bank, we've leveraged our close partnership with Autobooks so that your relationships with customers can come before your relationships with cashflow-management vendors. Your time is the most valuable commodity, and it's important to guard it just as closely as you guard your company's liquidity. Your profits, employees and customers all stand to gain when you bypass unnecessary links in the cashflow chain.

Why Leverage a Cashflow Management Tool?

Considering use of a cashflow management tool doesn’t mean you lack control of your cashflow. Instead, the opportunity here is optimization. Keeping your payment processes as internal as possible has numerous benefits, owing to its robust simplicity that directly increases efficiency for both you and your customers. They will notice and appreciate it, seeing that your business is at the forefront of fintech innovations that eliminate reliance on third-party institutions – all of which have little to gain by reducing obstacles to transactions.

Cutting out unnecessary financial hurdles also boosts the health of the economy at large, because the ease of doing business increases, vendor-customer relationships become more direct and fewer private-interested companies have access to one's financial data. As your market base discovers that it's possible to deal directly with businesses without the digital middlemen, it's inevitable that they'll push other businesses to adopt similar processes – and they'll remember you as one of the leading pioneers in this positive new direction.

This is all possible with CBCashflow, which has innumerable advantages, most primarily:

  • Simplified Invoicing: Create, schedule, and send both custom and template invoices at the press of a button. You'll also be able to automate follow-up notices, late fees, and recurring purchases for a truly headache-free billing experience on both sides of the transaction.
  • Optimized Payments: Enjoy lower processing rates than alternative payment processors could ever offer by allowing your customers to easily initiate credit, debit, and ACH transfers at the point of purchase directly to you. 
  • Streamlined Accounting: Automate custom product codes and reconcile daily reports for ultimate clarity and trust between you, your investors, and any other interested party. 
  • Higher Growth Rates: Maintain keen oversight and awareness of your cashflow; manage invoices and reports in ways that reduce manual labor costs; and ultimately, achieve greater inertia as all other processes flow more effortlessly.

Efficiency That Pays for Itself

All CBC Business Banking clients can now try the CBCashflow tool totally free for 30 days – because we know you'll see that a mere $10 per month thereafter is a steal, compared to the time and expense lost to almost deliberately slow and inefficient third-party payment vendors. How much of your earnings are lost to deliberate or accidental delays from outside payment-processing systems? 

We know what it takes to maintain an SMB, because as one of only 30 Latino-owned banks in the country, we once needed a financial institution that considered our entrepreneurial ambitions equal to their own. As a result, we are adamantly independent and have maintained a private status so that we aren't beholden to the interests of investors – rather, we are humbled to serve our clients in our aim to become the best bank for entrepreneurs.

Commercial Bank of California President and CEO Ash Patel summed up the major impact CBCashflow will have on our Business Banking clients:

"This will be a game changer for many of our clients. Not only does it bring increased convenience to business owners, but to their customers as well."

The implications of increasing convenience are truly far-reaching for consumers warier than ever of disruption to their financial relationships. Increasing convenience at the point of purchase without limiting buyer choice is crucial for strengthening SMB-customer relations and achieving steeper growth rates. It's this fundamental commitment to straightforward simplicity and loyalty that has given us the privilege of managing close to $1 billion in commercial-banking assets on behalf of our clients and partners – and all without putting ourselves at risk of being sold to major banking interests.

Our clients have inspired us to grow into who we are today, and who we strive to be tomorrow. With our new all-in-one CBCashflow management system, we've leveraged ground-breaking financial technology in order to extend the principles behind our success to our customers. Both our executives and the businesses we serve wouldn't have it any other way.

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Cashflow?

CBCashflow is the multi-purpose FinTech tool needed to streamline your entire cashflow process and cut out as many third parties as possible between you and your customers. With CBCashflow, payment management and invoice processes will finally become a pleasure, and your profitability, customer satisfaction, and repeat business can more easily grow as you speed up and control as much of your transaction process as possible.

Our clients' financial goals are our top priority, and improving cashflow management at the lowest possible expense is just one way we show our commitment to the ongoing success of our clients. After all, we’ve always said “our solutions, your success” and we meant it. If you need a business-banking partner offering greater control over your payment processes, contact Commercial Bank of California today. We'll help you immediately begin streamlining your money into your hands – because that's where it belongs.